Bamboo Flooring would go great with your downtown Toronto condo

Bamboo Flooring would go great with your downtown Toronto condo

Bamboo is an amazing product, it is versatile, environmentally friendly, and relatively cost efficient. These reasons have made bamboo into an increasingly popular choice for many wood products including wood flooring. Just scanning the Toronto MLS listings will show you that there are an increasing number of homes with bamboo flooring.

Traditional wood flooring can be beautiful, but it is also expensive and damaging to the environment. Trees, in particular hardwoods, can take decades to reach maturity. In order to harvest wood for flooring it is necessary to harvest the wood from a huge tract of land that will be left empty for years to come. This can have many adverse effects on the environment such as erosion, increased global warming, and a loss of habitat to woodland creatures.

Bamboo, in contrast to traditional woods, is much more environmentally friendly. Bamboo is not a wood, but actually an extremely fast growing grass. Whereas trees grow over decades, bamboo can grow to maturity in mere months. Furthermore, bamboo grows in extremely dense areas and can be harvested in fields. This means that land can be efficiently used and there is no harm to animal habitats. Growing bamboo can even help offset the effects of erosion and have a positive impact on the environment.

Bamboo is every bit as durable as hardwood flooring and usually at a lesser price. You can be certain that it will hold up to decades of wear and tear and that it will not show its years. It can be particularly good if you have a family with young children who are inclined to drop things on the floor frequently, as it is difficult to dent. This is one of the many reasons you will find a lot of Markham, Ontario real estate with bamboo flooring these days.

A great thing about bamboo flooring, aside from its environmental benefits, is that it can look good in just about any home from downtown Toronto condos to a cottage on the east coast. This is because you can stain your bamboo floors in pretty much any shade you want.

Whether you are looking to install new floors in your North York townhouse or you are sketching your one story house plans for a new home outside of the city, bamboo flooring is a great option to consider for its environmental benefits and its durability.

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