World Wildlife Federation

The World Wildlife Fund is an organization that most of us had heard about over the years but few probably are aware of the scope of their charity. They are currently working in one hundred countries and are the largest conservation organization in the world. From people living in Grand Harbour Toronto to those in Southern Africa they have more than five million members and received over $90 million in individual donations in 2009. This, along with other contributions from governments, companies, and foundations, has allowed this fund to protect nature and animals in some of the planet's most vulnerable areas.

Their mission is the conservation of nature in all forms. This means protecting plant life and animals with a focus on endangered species. Because of the changing states of our world they are also now working towards promoting greener choices to reduce energy usage and sustainable approaches when it comes to the Earth's natural resources. Each environment, from those near waterfront homes PEI to those in Asia, is unique and the WWF is able to apply the latest scientific discoveries and technologies throughout their work.

This charity was started in the fall of 1961 by a group of scientists, businesspeople, political leaders Bernhard of the Netherlands and they soon took over the Switzerland offices of the Conservation of Nature and Natural Resources, which was running out of funds. Later in the same year the Morges Manifesto was signed by sixteen of the world's top conservationists. This stated that while there may already be the knowledge and technology to protect the world there was no money to do it. This meant that a universal organization needed to form that would bring together people living in Cabbagetown real estate or homes in Japan.

There are some areas of the planet with a more diverse sampling of life and the World Wildlife Fund chooses to mostly concentrate of those areas. There are nineteen that they feel are the most crucial and hope that within the next five years people from Australia to those living in Punta Mita condo rentals will help them set up shop in all of them. Some of these areas include the Amazon, the Arctic, Coastal East Africa, the Coral Triangle, and the Galapagos, among others.

If you're thinking of donating to this vital organization than you should visit their website for more information. More than three quarters of the money that is raised goes directly to helping their conservation efforts throughout the world. If you're a lover of animals and have everything from aquarium decorations to a few cats or just are concerned about the happenings of the world around you this is a great place to give your support.

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