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Today, the global push toward environmentalism may have left you with the impression that the only way to make a difference is to abandon all technology and return to living in caves, but there are other options. While utilizing machinery is a necessary evil of running a business in the modern world it doesn't all have to be of the extremely polluting variety. Buying green equipment to help you run your business or purchasing goods manufactured by companies with an environmental conscience can help reduce the impact we have on our planet without increasing the impact it has on your pocketbook.

Machinery and Its Effects on the Environment

Human beings are a species that is constantly driven toward change for the betterment of their lifestyles. Simply put, we developed machinery to help us do more faster without thinking about its effects on the environment. Why painstakingly measure and saw off each edge when we can build a wood planer machine which does thousands of boards an hour? Unfortunately these machines run off of electricity or fossil fuels, both of which result in the release of greenhouse gasses into the atmosphere. Other machines use harsh chemicals that pollute the water or create by-products that are harmful to animals.

Green Machines

We've known for a long time that our machines were having a destructive effect on the world. Even in the 17th century Londoners could see their beloved Thames turning into a sluggish grey band. It's only in recent years that technology has allowed us to do something about it. Many products is now made with fewer chemicals. Solar energy panels and wind turbines make it possible to run jackhammers and nail guns off renewable energy. And it's not just large operations that can afford to buy the infrastructure. Stores like Canadian Tire sell home kits that can power everything from dishwashers to skill saws.

Another positive step forward by the machinery manufacturing industry is the creation of the Energy Star program. This program fosters the development of machinery that uses less electricity than similar older models and promotes it to the public. This includes household machinery like appliances and tools and has even bled over into the heavy industry world, so that things like popsicles and window weights are now made by machines that use less electricity than the ones they replaced. While it's not an overnight solution, every little bit helps.

Why Go Green?

The obvious reason is that if we don't go green, our grandkids are going to have no option but to learn to sail, because the ice caps will have melted and flooded the world. But there are other benefits. If people see that your products are packaged in a reusable plastic container made from recycled materials, they'll be more likely to buy it than your rival's cellophane-covered offering. Why? Because environmentalism is popular. It's cool to be green. Therefore the extra cost of green machinery may be surpassed by sales increases. Other benefits include being able to take advantage of new government tax credits and saving money on electricity in the long run

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