Greener Transportation Options

We all need to get around. That's just a fact of life. We need to get to that job working in class action Ontario to help make the world a better place and need to pick up milk and the kids on the way home. But, when we're looking for greener options, what are some practical forms of transportation that can be used on a daily basis? You don't want to adopt the latest fad in transportation and then be forced to give it up in a few months because it doesn't work with your lifestyle. Here are some green transportation options that will hopefully help to improve the world around you without sending you to anger management classes.

Public transportation is definitely a greener option than driving yourself around and can usually actually save you time. If you're working for an executive recruitment firm and need to get all over the city to meet clients, you won't have to worry about parking or navigating the busy streets. But, many professionals find that they are not as put-together when they reach their destination using public transit. This is an easy fix. All you have to do is pack a little touch-up kit to get you from the subway to the boardroom.

The best options when looking to the environment are obviously the ones that use no polluting energy at all - walking or riding a bicycle. While this option may work for students navigating through Toronto or Montreal streets on their way to class in the warmer months, it's less practical for someone who works in a suit at a commercial mortgage company. Luckily, this is a relatively cheap transportation option that you can use whenever it is convenient. Maybe you could add a carrier to your bike so that you can just use it to go to the store on weekends. Every little bit helps when it comes to energy consumption.

A hybrid car is a very reasonable compromise for many people who need a reliable form of transportation to take them longer distances. A hybrid vehicle uses two different types of energy to run. The most common designs that are now on the market are using the combination of a standard internal combustion engine that runs on gas and electric motors. A hybrid car will give you both greater fuel economy and give off lower emissions into the air. If you're working in data encryption, for example, and you need to travel across the country, this is one of the greenest options now available.

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