Green Cleaning Products

Not only do green cleaner products claim to be the best solution for those who care about the world around them, but they are also know for being a better choice for the health of those that use them. When you look at the average cleaning products you will find in most homes you will see a long list of chemicals that you likely can't even pronounce. Here are some of the myths and facts when it comes to using green cleaning products over the name brands.

It's true that if you're using one standard cleaning product to scrub the bathtub or clean your counters at the end of a meal in your home that it's likely not going to do you any harm. But the problem is that most of us don't just have one cleaning product in our home that we use for everything. It is the combination of different products and chemicals on our skin that can start to cause a reaction. There are virtually no requirements for labelling for these sorts of problems on packaging. So, you would have a hard time telling if the products you've chosen for are really safe.

The other major issue with common cleaning products is what happens to them when they are put down the drain. Some of the ingredients that help to strengthen your bathroom or kitchen cleaner could also help to deplete the oxygen and water quality of the lakes and rivers right in your own community. These chemicals are tested by the companies that use them for their efficiency in cleaning the garage floor in homes or the mildew in the shower. They are usually not tested for their effects on the environment.

But now with more consumers looking for a greener solution there are companies out there that are responding to that need. For example, Method has a list of chemicals that they are no longer willing to use in their products. Seventh Generation now has a mandate that they are not allowed to create products that can be harmful to people or the environment over time or immediately.

While it may seem like an easy choice to switch over to green cleaners, there are some drawbacks to using these products. They are usually more expensive and do not work as efficiently as their standard counterparts. If you're cleaning all of the rooms at home and don't want to add time to this chore or you're wanting to save money, this might not be the right option for you. Most people see the benefits of going green but it is not fully feasible for the masses quite yet.

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