The Future

All of the campaigns out there about saving the environment focus on the possible consequences for the future. While we may be dealing with more natural disasters today than our planet has seen in centuries, most scientists working on environmental issues are predicting more change even for the next generation. But of all the theories that are out there it can be difficult to decide what to believe. Some predict that even places that are inland will be under water due to icebergs melting while others see us driving electric cars and making new technological discoveries that will curb the current issues. Here are some of the most popular theories when it comes to the future of our planet.

Sustainable living has been evolving for years and many average people are now adopting new green practices every year. A dentist in Whitby could be specializing in new dental technology designs in their office or in the future we might see in all of the dental centres using clean energy, like solar or electric. Just twenty years ago you would not have seen a blue bin in every home and now more and more communities are even incorporating green bin programs. While we are not yet at the point where people are ready to completely give up their dependence on oil, commercial meat production, and other dangers to the environment, new green practices seem to only be rising in popularity as the years go by.

This is not only true for individuals. Companies are finding that they can be greener and still turn a profit. Factories that make everything from lights to hvac equipment (learn more) are receiving funds from the federal government to adopt green technologies and even global companies like Starbucks are going in the sustainable direction. They recently opened their first LEED-certified location in downtown Toronto. In the future you may find that everything from new homes to an office building needs to be built with these standards in mind.

While this paints a more positive future, there are many on the cynical side that believe that we are more likely in for a huge natural disaster than will change the world forever. Some see a shift in the Earth's magnetic poles while others are predicting a meteor strike. While the world is still divided on more issues than one can count, the bottom line is that this is one thing that really does affect all of us, from those creating traditional folk music to those listening to their iPod as they walk down New York City streets. It is certain that any plan that is made for the future will need to be global to have any real affect.

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Sunday, June 16, 2024