Small Business Efforts

The big corporations are contributing the most greenhouse gas to the atmosphere and releasing the most pollutants and therefore their green efforts are likely to have the largest impact. However, we cannot forget the impact that a business could make by taking his business green, because together, our green efforts as small business owners can make a big impact too. If you're thinking of making your small business more environmentally friendly, here are some suggestions that can help you make an impact.

Using Less Energy

The wealth of low energy products makes using less energy the easiest item to achieve on your list. Start by going around the entire Avaya IP office and replacing all the incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent ones. Then you can start replacing old appliances (coffee makers, ovens, televisions, etc) with newer Energy Star models that use less electricity. And finally, you can install more windows to let in more natural light and reduce your dependence on artificial light.

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Using Less Water

This is especially important if you run a water-intensive business like a spa clinic. First you should install low flow water taps and shower heads that shut off automatically. Then you should think about getting new low flow toilets or at least putting a balloon in the toilet tank of your old toilet. Don't waste tap water on your lawn. If you have a roof, set up rainwater collection bins that you can use to water your landscaping. If you don't have a roof, you can set up a greywater collection system that's as simple as a bucket by the sink that will water your plants just as well.

Repurposing Waste

Recycling is something everyone does these days but reusing is actually more environmentally friendly. Reuse office items instead of throwing them away. Fix rather than replace. If you're doing a renovation, you can actually design the new interior for Photography Ottawa using recycled items like carpeting made from old bottles and sofas constructed from discarded clothing. Buy recycled office materials like copy paper and notebooks whenever possible, or at least get items that can be reused, like metal water bottles instead of plastic ones in the vending machine.

Reducing Carbon Emissions

Encourage your employees to drive less by collating errands into a single trip or giving them bus passes to get to work. If you have a travel intensive business, invest in hybrid or alternative fuel vehicle technology or purchase carbon credits. To help clean the atmosphere of carbon dioxide that's already there, hire Landscaping Burlington to plant trees for you either at your office or elsewhere. Have plants in the office and organize a tree planting day with your employees to repopulate a naked forest or empty lot.

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